Tape Hair Extensions


This method allows the hair to grow whilst wearing extensions causing no damage to the natural hair. This gives the most natural groomed look to engage with your natural hair. The tape hair extension method eliminates any of the stringy looking appearance you can get with the single bonded methods, i.e. Micro rings, keratin bonds and flat tips. The tape method allows even distribution of volume throughout the head safely.



The Tape system needs to be maintained around every 6 to 10 weeks depending on the thickness of the client’s natural hair. Thinner hair needs more regular maintenance where as normal hair is every 8 weeks and thicker hair can last up to 10 weeks.

On your maintenance appointment your will have the taped hair removed, the tapes will be cleaned and re-taped. Your natural hair will be washed and given a trim if required. The newly re-taped hair will be re-applied back near to the scalp area once again.



Fitting & blending 

Removal only

Re-tape,(new hair)

Re-tape (existing extensions) 

Re-tape ( two days ) 



£250 + £75 fitting and blending

From £200 (depending amount of hair)

From £150 (take them out today & put them back next day,gives the hair rest. Complementary hair mask application in the salon after removal.)

Please note that hair is not included in pricing.

Hair Prices

At the moment we only offer Russian hair tapes which is 100% human hair, we like the quality and the price of the hair. With the correct care the hair will last over 9 months. 

If you need thicker and longer hair you might need 2-3 packs of hair

1 pack of hair £250 (enough for volume)

2-3 packs (thickness and volume)