Hairdressers, Stylists, Colourists, what ever level you are, where ever you are working now, this is a shout out to you. We all need a little studio to do our private clients. Some of us travel to these clients houses or even invite them to our own flat. Sadly either your salon doesn't let you to do these clients or these clients doesn't want your salon prices, or simply these clients you don't want to share with the salon .

I am a colourist myself and this was a big pain for me all the time, always wishing if i can find a nice little place which doesn't want the whopping %50 of my earnings then tell me he has to cut the %20 VAT as well, what a tragedy. Well i create that space my self and called it Hair Privé. 

If you like to find out more about it you can always email me or call me directly. All professionals are welcome however if you are a colourist you are on the top of the list.

So how is it works ? i only want %20 of your earnings, yes only %20, and there are no barriers, no assistants or receptionist, you do your clients hair, wash them, dry them, and get their bill your own self. Dream comes true ? Yes..

more details ? just email me :


                                                                                              Tan x